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What Security Measures Can Keep Your Grand Reopening Safe

Posted on March 11, 2021

Texas is officially reopened and many small business owners and pawn shops are ready to open their doors and experience a grand reintroduction to their beloved customers.

While it’s exciting that Texas is 100 percent opened with mask mandates lifted, business owners should remember that customers and employees alike will expect safety and security from all angles.

Before you ring up your first customer, make sure you’ve followed our five grand reopening security system maintenance measures.

Bring Two Employees Before Opening Up

If it’s been a while since you’ve opened up your business, make sure that your personal reunion with your location is a safe one with security risk assessment. Especially if you operate in a crowded, urban setting, you want to physically evaluate the interior of your business with a partner.

We suggest having one employee open up the store, then promptly lock the doors behind them. As they wait by the door, you or another employee can walk around the store and make certain that nothing suspicious has occurred and that you are truly ready to open your doors to the public.

Re-Train Your Employees on Security Measures

Your employees have most likely been monitoring the shop and working remote over the last year. Take some time before your reopening to retrain your employees on your business’ security procedures and how you plan to operate during post-mandate times.

When everyone is on the same page safety-wise, your grand opening is one step closer to a great success.

Test Your Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security systems can be testy at times; especially if they haven’t really been put to use in a while.

Take some time to inspect your security system and check for the following:

  • Is your low battery signal going off?
  • Is your system still connected to the appropriate access devices?

If you find that there are any issues with your security system that you can’t resolve on your own, reach out to your security company for in-person or phone support.

Properly Position Your Surveillance Cameras

If you’re just getting back in the swing of welcoming customers, you may want to position any wireless surveillance cameras in areas that ensure that all angles of your property are under surveillance.

Opening back up is going to be a busy and exciting time. Make sure that you are spending it interacting with your customers and not obviously watching your corners and doors.

Install Sneeze Guards for Your Employees

With mask mandates lifted, most store owners will want to respect the rights of all employees and consumers. If you want to mitigate the chances of employee coronavirus exposure while still allowing mask less customers, we suggest you invest in some plexiglass sneeze guards to keep away any stray germs.

Our sneeze guards can be customized to fit any area and are easy enough for you and your staff to assemble by opening morning!

Open Up Securely With The Security Center, Inc.

If you’re ready to reopen your small business but know that your security could use an upgrade, The Security Center, Inc. can help create further stability in uncertain times.

Our security technicians can help you determine the perfect security system for your location, camera placement, installation, maintenance, and more! Contact us today to schedule a security evaluation of your property.

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