Managed Security Service & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key for keeping your equipment running and operating flawlessly. Whether your equipment was installed by us or another provider, The Security Center, Inc. will ensure to keep it looking and operating at its very best.

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Physical Security Maintenance

Vaults and safes are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that need to be inspected or the combination changed from time to time. It is always in the best interest to regularly schedule maintenance for your security system to keep your security equipment in optimal condition. Maintenance is a step beyond the security that your vaults already provide. Scheduling routine maintenance on your physical security equipment ensures that the components required to make it work are, in fact, doing their job. Some areas that we focus on:

  • Vaults and Vault Doors
  • Safes and Lockers
  • Fire Resistant Containers and Files
  • Under Counter Cabinets
  • Pneumatic Systems
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Security System Maintenance

Security systems such as surveillance cameras, DVR/NVR systems, access control, and alarms need to have regular maintenance in order to function properly. Our technicians are not only certified but dedicated to the technology and maintenance that is essential to your electronic security devices. The experts at The Security Center, Inc. are able to provide:

  • Diagnostics and maintenance of alarm and access control systems
  • Surveillance cameras position and focus
  • Expert recommendations for any issues involving your security systems equipment

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