School Security Systems, Cameras & Equipment

School security has become one of the nation’s top priorities, and rightfully so.

Keeping students and faculty safe is the foremost obligation of any school, college, or university.

While districts strive to put physical security in place, we at The Security Center are dedicated to assisting administrators with their surveillance cameras and security equipment requirements.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become a staple in our schools and universities. If your commercial security system is outdated or you are looking to install surveillance cameras throughout your entire campus, we have the knowledge and resources to get it done right. We offer complimentary site visits and consultations to review your security needs and to discuss the best options to get your surveillance security systems for schools operating and functioning at their very best.

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Access Control

Access Control is one of the most important installations and security upgrades within educational systems. Allowing The Security Center to install access control on your campus or facility allows you to take control of who walks through your doors.


Bullet Resistant Glass and Ballistic Panels

Ballistic panels and glass are designed to keep people safe during acts of conflict and aggression. The Security Center has the expertise when it comes to designing and recommending bullet-resistant glass, doors, and ballistic panels to secure potentially targeted areas.

The Security Center Helps Secure The Future

Let The Security Center help keep your institution safe by providing advanced security systems for schools and solutions that keep students and staff safe. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation about school security systems.

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What CCTV and Alarm Systems are best suited for a school?

School safety has become a priority for administrators, teachers, and parents. To help ensure the safety of students and staff, many schools have made initial efforts to implement controlled entrance vestibules, controlled and locked doors, access control systems with I.D. badges, as well as improved fencing.

Very seldom will you find two identical schools regarding the layouts, buildings, athletic structures, parking lots, and classrooms. Therefore, in our opinion, there is no single solution for every campus.

Utilizing decades of experience, Security Center will take a consultative approach unique to each facility to review the needs of that facility, as well as what current access control, alarm, and CCTV products would best fit all needs.

As far as CCTV cameras, after our survey of the facilities and grounds, we may suggest a combination of those for daytime use, nighttime use with existing light, nighttime use with infrared lighting, telephoto, auto panning mounts, and cameras designed to capture up-close images preferred by law enforcement agencies. All of these would be connected to recording systems with multiple-week storage. As crucial as high-quality images are, is where those images are stored. The ideal system will have multiple recording systems, eliminating the chance of a sole system not being operational in a dire time of need. Security Center is uniquely prepared to design a recording system with this in mind.

Regardless of what CCTV systems and alarm/access systems are installed, it’s highly recommended that the administrators and staff have wireless alarm activators. These enable anyone witnessing an event to activate a (silent) alarm other than the person in duress.

Finally, in other consideration, please make sure you contact your local law enforcement and fire departments, inviting them to tour your campus and facilities. The few minutes spent with these organizations will help them better plan for whenever they’re needed.

Why is security important in schools?

Security systems for schools are vital for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it helps to ensure the safety of students and staff. In the event of an emergency, security personnel can help to evacuate the building and ensure that everyone gets to safety. Additionally, school security can help to deter crime. Having a visible security presence makes potential criminals less likely to target the school. Finally, security systems for schools can help create a sense of order and discipline. Security personnel help maintain a safe and positive learning environment by enforcing rules and regulations. As a result, school security is essential for creating a safe and positive learning environment.

How do you know if a security camera is recording?

School security is a primary concern for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. There are many ways to improve school security, but one of the most effective is to install security cameras. But how do you know if a security camera is recording? One way to tell is to look for a red LED light. Most security cameras have a small LED light that turns on when the camera is recording. Visible security cameras help to deter potential criminals, as well as to provide evidence if a crime is committed.

Another way to tell if a security camera is recording is to check the recordings themselves. Most security cameras have a date and time stamp, so you can easily tell when the security cameras recorded the footage. Finally, you can always ask the person who installed the camera. They will be able to tell you if the camera is recording or not. School security is essential, and knowing if a security camera is recording can help ensure that your school is safe.

What camera can record for 24 hours?

School security cameras are designed to record extended periods, often 24 hours a day. Security camera footage is essential in an incident, as authorized personnel can review the footage later to help identify what happened and who was involved. In addition, many school security cameras now come equipped with night-vision capabilities, so they can continue to record even when there is no natural light. As a result, cameras are an invaluable part of effective security systems for schools.