School Security Cameras & Equipment

School security has become one of the nation’s top priorities and rightfully so. Keeping children and students safe is the foremost obligation of any school, college, or university. While districts strive to put physical security in place, we at The Security Center, Inc. are dedicated to assisting administrators to make their educational facilities as safe and secure as possible.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become a staple in our schools and universities. If your system is outdated or you are looking to install surveillance cameras throughout your entire campus, we have the knowledge and resources to get it done right. We offer complimentary site visits and consultations to review your security needs and to discuss the best options to get your surveillance system operating and functioning at its very best.

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Access Control

Access Control is one of the most important installations and security upgrades within educational systems. Allowing The Security Center, Inc. to install access control on your campus or facility allows you to take control of who walks through your doors.


Bullet Resistant Glass and Ballistic Panels

Ballistic panels and glass are designed to keep people safe during acts of conflict and aggression. The Security Center, Inc. has the expertise when it comes to designing and recommending bullet-resistant glass, doors, and ballistic panels to secure potentially targeted areas.

The Security Center Helps Secure The Future

Let The Security Center, Inc. help keep your institution safe by providing advanced security solutions that keep students and staff safe. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

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