The Security Center, Inc. Installs ATM Protection Barriers

An ATM Machine Break-In, Illustration

Although physical bank breaches and critical financial data theft still make huge headlines in the news, ATM theft is still a financial problem that flies under the radar. Unfortunately, many institutions forget how vulnerable their ATM equipment is, and end up losing thousands a year in damages and physical losses to thieves who can see through the loopholes in the system.

The Security Center, Inc. has been a lasting partner with financial institutions across Texas for decades. We were around when ATMs were a new banking amenity, and we’re now around to help protect employees and customers from wrongdoers eager to make some fast and illegal cash.

What Problems Do ATMs Face?

In general, ATMs are one of the most vulnerable parts of a financial institution. They are usually physically separate from the main financial institution and out in the open where anyone can access them at any times.

While most people who use an ATM are there for withdrawals, the broad exposure of these machines leaves them open to theft and damages that include:

  • Prying open the machines
  • Crashing a vehicle into an ATM
  • Pulling the ATM offsite with a vehicle

How Can The Security Center, Inc. Help?

We now offer premiere anti-theft solutions for your financial institution’s ATMs. Our ATM barriers will not only prevent general theft, but will also guarantee that regardless of what plans a thief has in mind, they aren’t leaving your property with your equipment.

New ATM Barrier Installed by The Security Center, Inc

Our ATM Barriers Hold Up to the Test

ATM barriers can come in several materials from solid concrete to the stainless steel options we offer at The Security Center, Inc.

We’ve gone with the solid one-inch stainless steel inner workings of our barriers because we’ve personally tested them for durability.

Our barriers defeat attempted saw cuts, welding, and are strong enough to withstand the force of being pulled or ran into by a high-powered vehicle.

Trust our ATM protection solutions for:

  • Protection against criminals who would pry open an ATM’s hood
  • Prevention of property damage
  • Protection from cars attempting to knock over your ATM
New ATM Barrier from The Security Center, Inc

Invest in Protection That’s Tailored to Your Site

Our technicians understand that every financial property has its own ATM setup. There is rarely a one-size-fits all opportunity for ATM barriers and that’s how we think it should be.

As a manager of your property, you should have the choice of the type and size of barrier employed on your site.

Our barriers come in locking and non-locking units, and can be ordered to meet your location’s specifications. One of the best aspects of our barriers aside from protection is that unlike your other security measures, they require minimal maintenance for elite functionality.

Ensure Your ATMs Remain in Place With The Security Center, Inc.

If you’re the manager of a financial institution who is eager to completely secure their property, The Security Center, Inc. can help. We don’t just specialize in customized ATM barriers. Our security solutions range from new vault installations, security system upgrades, general security maintenance, and more.

We’re ready to make your business safer, today. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with a member of our team.