The Security Center Installs ATM Protection Barriers

ATM After Being Broken Into

New ATM Threats – New ATM Protection Barriers – Deterrent for thieves targeting your ATM.

ATMs are vulnerable because of their locations; they are usually physically separate from the main branch, out in the open where anyone can access them at any time.

The open exposure of these machines leaves them an easy targets of theft and damages that include:

  • Prying open the ATM
  • Ramming a vehicle into an ATM
  • Pulling the ATM off-site with a vehicle
New ATM Barrier from The Security Center, Inc

How Can Security Center Help?

The ATM Barriers offer physical protection, as well as being an excellent visual deterrent. Any thief may think twice before attacking your ATM with your Barrier installed.

ATM Barriers provide deterrence against:

  • Physical “brute force” attacks, ramming, or chain-pulls
  • Lengthy “out of service” situations for your customers while ATM is being repaired
  • Loss of cassettes loaded with cash

Our ATM Barriers Have Been Tested

ATM Barriers are uniquely designed for the ATM it protects. A well-thought-out design is only part of our approach.  Multiple extensive “attack” tests have been conducted including saw cuts, torch cuttings, vehicle ramming, and vehicle pulling from both frontal and side attacks.

New ATM Barrier Installed by The Security Center, Inc

Invest in ATM Protection with
The Security Center

Our representatives will meet with you to determine the style and model of ATM Barrier needed for your location(s) and explain the various high-security locking options.  ATM Barriers require little to no maintenance and may be relocated as your institution needs to expand and/or change.

Why Choose The Security Center?

Protect your ATMs now! However, at The Security Center we don’t just specialize in customized ATM barriers for your sites. Our physical and electronic security solutions range from new vault installations, safes and lockers, pneumatic systems, alarm and surveillance systems and upgrades, remedial and preventive maintenance servicing, and more. The Security Center has been a solution provider for financial institutions in Texas since 1962, and is still family-owned and operated.

Please contact us to learn more about our ATM Barriers, our other products and services, and to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

Are automated teller machines (ATMs) secure?

Regarding automated teller machines (ATMs), security is a significant concern. After all, ATMs contain a large amount of cash, and their location can be in isolated areas. Fortunately, there are steps that both ATM owners and users can take to help ensure security. For example, ATM owners can install cameras and alarms, while users can be careful never to give their PINs to anyone. Additionally, both parties can report any suspicious activity to the authorities. By taking these simple precautions, we can help to make ATMs more secure for everyone involved.

Why are ATMs so vulnerable?

ATMs are vulnerable because they are typically in remote or unsecured areas. A recent study found that at least one in four ATMs in the United States has had a breach in the past year.

What are the security measures of ATMs?

ATMs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a convenient way to access funds 24 hours a day. However, with this convenience comes increased security risks. Some of the measures that have been put in place to help mitigate these risks include:

– ATMs must be in well-lighted areas. This helps deter would-be criminals from targeting the ATM, as they are more likely to be caught in the act.

– The ATM must be made of durable materials that cannot be easily damaged or tampered with. This helps to prevent criminals from being able to gain access to the machine’s inner workings.

– The ATM must be equipped with state-of-the-art security features, such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and PIN codes. These features help to deter criminals and also aid in the identification of suspects should a crime occur.

By following these security measures, ATMs can help to provide users with a safe and convenient way to access their funds.