The Security Center, Inc. Now Offers Sneeze Guards!

Protective Shield | Germ Shield - 23.5" x 30"

The rampant spread of COVID-19 throughout the nation has prompted us to start thinking about even more ways we can keep your business safe. While the team at The Security Center, Inc. usually focuses on the electronic areas of security, we also realize that your business’ physical health is even more valuable than what you keep in the safe.

Many of the industries we serve are deemed essential and must put themselves and their staff at risk of exposure to COVID-19 on a daily basis. The virus is easily transmittable, so many essential businesses have begun to invest in plexiglass sneeze guards to keep their employees healthy.

Our Plexiglass Sneeze Guards Protect All Industries

The Security Center, Inc. has already sold quite a few acrylic sneeze guards to the financial institutions with which we have close relationships. Our goal now is to help other industries whose workers have a critical need for such products.

As the nation “opens back up”, we’ll all remain cautious. As you look for ways to protect the health of your employees going forward, we have several sneeze guards options available. From teller-sized plexiglass shields for banks and pawnshops to shields that can help protect ISD workers during the new year’s registration, our shields have your safety covered.

Our shields are made from a sheet of cut acrylic with two legs holding it up. Since this is a specialty product, our manufacturer requires a plexiglass solution to keep the surface clean and protected. This will be available upon order as an add-on when you choose our sneeze guards to keep your location a low-risk environment.

Sneeze Guard | Germ Shield - 17.5" x 30"

No Installation Required

One of the best features of our germ shield is that it doesn’t require professional installation; it’s intuitive. We don’t offer installation services that cost your business more money, because the design is that simple. However, if your business needs a larger custom shield, or requires mass quantities of shields, we are here to help with installation requests based on the situation at hand.

We Take Custom Orders

Although our germ shield is set up to protect areas like banks and bank tellers, they are completely customizable. We are proud to state that customers can order their sneeze guards to meet their size needs and keep their location as safe as possible.

We Ship Your Desired Quantity When You Need It

We’re trying to get our product “out there” and get people aware that we offer it with some of the most competitive pricing on the market. We can supply the product in unlimited quantities.

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 With The Help of The Security Center, Inc.

Our mission is to help your business thrive as safely as possible. Through the use of plexiglass sneeze guards at essential and non-essential businesses alike, we can work together to help flatten the coronavirus curve. We know that the pandemic has the nation on edge, and that’s why we’re here to say, stay safe, stay in when you can, and remember, you can always reach out to us because we’re here for you.