Performing a Security Risk Assessment

Performing a Security Risk Assessment

Posted on June 27, 2019

Security risk assessments are one of the easiest ways to ensure your business is well-protected and risk to your assets is mitigated. However, not all business owners understand the importance of regularly evaluating gaps in their commercial security and quickly find themselves the victim of theft, vandalism, and break-ins. 

If you know you need to upgrade your security system but aren’t sure where to start, a thorough risk assessment can help you find footing on solid ground.

What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment helps businesses identify and prioritize the risk of their assets based on current security implementations on the property. The key components of a risk assessment involve three things:

  1. The value of the assets at risk
  2. Critical threats in your area
  3. The vulnerability of your current security systems to those threats

Determine Your Security Goals

Before starting the initial assessment and determining where your security system needs to upgrade, take a look at your business’ security goals. If you’re a first-timer to a risk assessment, try asking yourself these three questions about your business?

  • Is new technology part of my security solution?
  • Will my security solutions benefit me in the long-run?
  • What are my current options when people and goods enter and leave the building?

Though they may seem broad in scope, the answers to these questions can help a business understand the current risks involved with their operations and how the implementation of modern technology like access control and remote monitoring can reduce said risks.

Key Aspects of a Security Risk Assessment

Every business is going to have unique security needs. These can be determined by examining the state of your current industry, the crime data in your community, and how vulnerable your business is to a breach.

However, the biggest piece of a risk assessment is the review of physical, electronic and architectural security systems in place. From the location of your camera to the protection of your access control systems from the natural elements, a close look at the different pieces of your business’ security will paint an accurate picture of where you can improve.

What to Do After You’ve Completed an SRA?

Your security risk assessment shows some glaring truths on your business’ vulnerabilities. The next move towards remedying these problems is researching available security system technology for businesses like yours. Don’t be afraid to seek expert help for the right advice!

Let The Security Center, Inc. Fill in Your Security Gaps

After you’ve performed a security risk assessment at your location, you may find there are some significant security gaps in your system. From the correct placement of surveillance cameras to upgrading from a lock and key to access control, there are many steps a professional can help you take towards protecting the assets and employees of your business. 

The Security Center, Inc. has the knowledge and professional expertise to recommend, install and maintain the security measures your business needs, Contact us today to find out more about our security services in your area.


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