5 Reasons Your Commercial Location Should Install Access Control

5 Reasons Your Commercial Location Should Install Access Control

Posted on January 15, 2019

Access control is a modern security solution that allows you to meet your security needs with a modern, quick, and efficient program. The Security Center, Inc. is happy to help commercial business owners with the installation and maintenance of their access control systems.

For business owners still on the fence about updating their security to grow with the times, here are 5 reasons why access control could be a great benefit to your company.

  1. It Lets You Control Who Gets into Your Building
  2. Access Your Building Electronically
  3. Easy Monitoring From Remote Devices
  4. Provide Yourself With Timeclock “Insurance”
  5. Keep Your Employees Safe

1. Restrict Access and Reduce Theft

The biggest benefit to access control is why the security method has its name! Access control allows the moderator of the system to manage who comes into the building and when. By restricting unauthorized access to ex-employees or at specific times of the day (like after-hours), you are taking control of your business’ security and minimizing the risk of theft.

2. No More Duplicating Keys or Changing Locks

Sometimes, there is a need to physically change the lock and keys after an employee has parted ways with a business. Now, with the availability of access control, management can easily change the entrance codes like they would a computer password.

Access control completely eliminates the need for a key with the implementation of:

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Swipe Cards
  • Mobile Phone Access
  • keypad

Should things need to be changed, there is no longer the problem of replacing an entire system; simply update your entry codes.

3. Take Control with Mobile Monitoring

When you purchase an access control system, you are able to take note and log who walks in and out of your doors during business hours. You can also monitor all of this useful data remotely from your home or mobile device. By installing your equipment with a professional team like The Security Center, Inc., you can ensure that your monitoring system is set up properly to meet your needs.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Staff

Access control doesn’t need to necessarily be all about security. Yes, it is a great way to keep employees out of certain areas of a building, but it can also be a useful tool to keep track of tardiness. With access control, you can program ID credentials for your employees or create specific pin numbers on your keypad. Once employees clock in and out of your office, you instantly have an accurate log that can help you with any timekeeping issues that may arise.

5. Access Control is Safer Than a Lock

We are currently living in times that could be considered turbulent. Not only does access control prevent theft, but it also keeps your employees safe. Locks can be broken, picked and shattered. With access control on your side, you can ensure that without clearance, no threat to your employees will be able to enter your location.

Get Secure with Access Control Today with The Security Center, Inc.

Access control is an excellent security feature because it is so diverse. Regardless of the industry that your business is in, you can find a way to benefit from the smart technology involved with this product. To find out more about access control and the installation of this security measure at your location, get in touch with The Security Center, Inc. today!

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