Key Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Security System Sound

Key Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Security System Sound

Posted on August 16, 2019

When your security system was installed, it was with the hope that it would protect your business for years to come. Your system works round the clock for your business to ensure its surroundings are covered by a watchful eye. Eventually, your security system will require maintenance in order to continue performing at optimal levels.

Keep your system ready to go with these five simple maintenance tips you should be performing on a regular basis.

Clean Your Security Equipment

Especially if your access control or surveillance cameras are outdoors, clean the physical pieces of your system. Even though dust and debris may seem harmless, the reality is that they can interfere with proper system functionality.

Accumulated dust on sensors is the leading cause of false alarms within a security system. That’s why we believe monthly checkups on your security system’s cleanliness can end up saving your business a lot of stress and keeps your system working at its full potential.

Regularly Check for Status Updates

When you have your new security equipment professionally installed, make sure your technician provides you with a thorough understanding of how your system operates. Regular checks to your system’s status can help you catch early issues before it’s too late.

Schedule Annual Inspections

If you purchased an extended warranty on your equipment, then you’re already on the road to keeping your system well-maintained. Most manufacturers recommend that your security systems receive an extensive inspection at least once a year.

During a scheduled visit, you can expect a licensed technician to come out to your location and thoroughly run different tests and procedures that ensure the technology works as expected.

This is a great opportunity because while you may know your system well, a professional technician can spot problems that could have easily flown under the radar.

Create Your Own Maintenance Plan

Finally, invest in the time to create your own maintenance plan for the general aspects of your security system. Keeping up with your system doesn’t take much time, but if forgotten, can eventually lead to a crack in your protection.

We recommend carrying out these tasks once a month when you perform the regular cleaning of your sensors and lenses:

  • Inspection of cameras (Do they have power? Are they positioned correctly?)
  • Test your alarm and motion sensors to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Test your central unit’s control panel.

Ready for An Updated System? The Security Center, Inc. Can Help!

Commercial security is an important investment and that’s why maintenance is so important. At The Security Center, Inc. we have the experience and connections to ensure that your security system keeps you protected for years to come.

If you know that it’s time for an upgrade or your annual inspection is on the horizon, get in touch with us. Our technicians are ready to help and show you why we’re a trusted security business in several industries.

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