Is Your Security System Truly All-Weather?

Is Your Security System Truly All-Weather?

Posted on June 15, 2019

Whether it’s the excruciating heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter, Texans can’t deny that sometimes, our weather gets a little extreme. Many security systems on the market boast that they are weather resistant. 

However, when the harsh weather hits, it can have a significant impact on the operations of many security systems. These issues can result in required maintenance or even equipment replacement if the damage is bad enough. Here are some of the most common ways that extreme weather can impact your security system and what you can do to prevent it.

Extreme Weather and Access Control

If you utilize access control for your business’ security, chances are the installation location is outdoors. Under normal weather conditions, this shouldn’t be a problem, but your access control system could face several issues when the temperature hits the higher and lower temperatures.

Battery Problems

Normally, your access control’s battery should have to be changed out once a year. However, if it is consistently exposed to frigid conditions the battery life of your product can become drained even faster.

If you know that severe cold is something that your cloud-based system will be exposed to, talk with an industry professional about performing routine maintenance that will help your hardware push on through the difficult weather.

Heat Exposure can Lead to Mechanical Issues

When faced with intense heat conditions, the locking mechanisms can experience issues when responding to the access control system. In higher temperatures, lock jams can become an issue. When the heat rises, your door’s materials can expand, making the lock difficult to move from its current position.

This issue can be avoided by oiling the locking mechanisms on the doors that are continuously getting jammed. It’s an extra maintenance step, but it sure beats having a malfunctioning access control system.

Weather Conditions and Your Surveillance Cameras

In the face of severe weather, even the most trusted surveillance camera performance can suffer without proper installation and maintenance. Some of the problems that a camera facing direct heat or freezing weather include:

  • Reduced lens accuracy
  • Battery failure
  • Total system shutdown due to overheating

A professional installation will guarantee that even if your camera is outside, it will be properly protected from the elements that could impact it. Your security system provider will also be able to show you camera options with built-in cooling and heating systems that will even further protect your surveillance system from dangerous weather conditions.

Update and Maintain Your Security Systems with The Security Center, Inc.

While it may seem like the weather’s impact on your security systems is inevitable, rest easy knowing that The Security Center, Inc. can help. Our team of experienced professionals understands weather conditions and surveillance equipment. We can help you strategically install your security system, as well as show you the right equipment for your area. Contact us today to schedule a visit! 

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