Securing Your Governmental Entity

How to Protect Your Government Entity in 2020

Posted on December 16, 2019

Government buildings require well-strategized security in order to keep local leaders, employees, and visitors safe. From county offices to the postal service, it’s essential that security measures are taken seriously going into 2020.

Before you close up shop for the holidays, make sure your government entity is ready for a fresh start with this end of the year checklist from The Security Center, Inc.

Invest in Access Control

Governmental entities usually involve the handling and storage of confidential information like mail and social security information of constituents.

Most criminals can now get past the standard lock and key and easily obtain access to your valuable files. Lock criminal threats out with the help of access control installation in the new year.

With access control, you can use keyless technology (i.e. cards, fingerprints, codes) that allows you to strictly control the traffic that goes in and out of your facility.

Technology like discretionary, role-based, and mandatory access control is protecting government entities across the nation. Keep your confidential information safe by getting strict with your authorization through access control installation in the new year.

Secure Based On Building Design

No matter the municipality or entity, every building has a unique design with specific security measures that must be met. Round the clock security is essential and physical security officers just don’t provide enough eyes at all times.

The Security Center, Inc. can help your entity install high definition surveillance cameras throughout your property that are strategically placed for:

  • Efficient image capturing
  • Out of sight security
  • Simple maintenance and protection from natural elements

Schedule Beginning of the Year Maintenance

No matter how great your security systems are, eventually, they will need to be serviced and maintained. When you decide to upgrade or install security systems through The Security Center, Inc. we give you the peace of mind that we are dedicated to providing preventative maintenance and servicing when you need it!

Start the new year off right with a scheduled maintenance check on your security system. Routine maintenance allows us to point out any minor flaws in your system that can be fixed before they become a major risk. Trust us to ensure your digital and physical security systems are in optimal condition

Enable 24-Hour Monitoring Services

Especially during the holidays, your staff isn’t always available to keep an eye out and sound the alarm when something goes awry. Take an extra step with us when you install a new alarm system.

We now provide security system monitoring that grants you:

  • Remote Access
  • Arming/Disarming Capabilities
  • Light and Lock Control
  • Access to View and Record Video, and More!

Keep Your Government Building Safe in 2020 with The Security Center, Inc.

If you read through our checklist and found your building’s security could use some new installations or maintenance, The Security Center, Inc. is ready to help! Our security professionals are prepared to lead your facility into a new year with the peace of mind that your entity is well-protected. Contact us today to schedule our services for your municipality.

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