4K Security Cameras

Why You Should Upgrade to 4K Security Cameras

Posted on October 15, 2019

For commercial security systems, accuracy is a requirement. As criminals become even more advanced, so should the efficiency of your security. 

If you’re using cameras that shoot in 1080 or 720 megapixels, then, unfortunately, your institution is already behind on its security. 4K camera systems are an upgrade all institutions should take advantage of, and here are some excellent reasons why!

Your Security System Sees Visible Improvements

Seeing is believing, and the better your cameras can record the movements of individuals within your facility, the faster you can respond when something is awry. 

While the quality is present, take your surveillance cameras a step further with 4K and give your team the ability to digitally zoom in on a CCTV image. The average security camera will lose details while zooming in, but with 4K systems, the picture maintains all of the details you need when the time comes for closer inspection.

The presence of these enhanced abilities will help to reduce the risk of internal theft and unsolved break-ins.

4K Security Cameras Present Cost Savings

Your budget should be handled responsibly, so why buy more HD cameras, when fewer 4K cameras can get the job done more efficiently?

The beauty of 4K is that they allow you to view more surface area and more detail with less equipment. Don’t worry about having to invest in more cameras, cabling, and coming up with tricky positioning. Gain improved coverage for less with 4K security cameras at your institution. 

Boost Your Existing Security Infrastructure

Even if you upgrade to 4K cameras, you won’t have to perform a complete infrastructure overhaul. Most modern IT equipment is able to easily work with 4K requirements. So save your PCs and routers and find even further value in this security upgrade. 

Customize Your Recording Modes

One of the other key benefits of these updated security cameras is the ability to create custom recording modes. Some customers may not want to use up their bandwidth with 24/7 recording. 4K cameras make digital space saving simple with motion recording and scheduled recording options.

Give your Security the 4K Treatment With The Security Center, Inc.

Make sure you’re able to have eyes everywhere with a 4K camera upgrade. The Security Center, Inc. is able to help facilities like yours get caught up on the latest and greatest in the security field. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us to get your upgrade started.

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