Why Law Enforcement Needs to Stay Up-to-Date on Security Measures

Why Does Law Enforcement Need to Stay Up-to-Date on Security Measures?

Posted on April 29, 2022

Local law enforcement is in place to serve and protect the communities in their jurisdiction. But when they aren’t on the streets and working at HQ in close proximity to the public and convicted criminals, what measures are taken to protect them?

At The Security Center, Inc. we specialize in helping law enforcement agencies update their physical and cyber security systems to ensure that no matter how hectic operations are, their team is always protected.

Let’s get into some of the biggest reasons why your police department requires the latest security measures.

Criminals Are Always One Step Ahead

As technologies evolve so do criminal actions. Unfortunately, many criminals are one step ahead of where security is going and are already trying to create workarounds for the latest cyber and physical security systems.

If your law enforcement agency is working with outdated technology, the chances of a damaging breach are increased because a savvy criminal likely already has the tools they need to get past your current systems.

Access Control on All Doors Keeps Your Station Secure

A law enforcement’s HQ is a building that requires authorization throughout its entire premises. Keys and standard badges will only get your security so far.

Working with a security company to install access control panels onto every important entryway of your building will improve its security by leaps and bounds.

Your staff can have their own private PINs created for access, and the best part is, that you control when those PINs change and when people can actually use their code to enter a specific area of your building.

Access control protects law enforcement from disgruntled ex-employees, public access to private records, and individuals daring enough to attempt a swipe at an officer’s keys.

High-Resolution CCTV Captures Clear Details

Older security cameras produce a grainy resolution that can leave viewers questioning who exactly is in the frame they are watching. This issue is something that no agency should have to deal with on their own property.

Surveillance cameras and CCTV systems have evolved to match the high-resolution quality that can help officers clearly track and review any action that is caught on their premises.

Current surveillance systems allow for:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Clearer images from long distances
  • Zooming capabilities for detailed images
  • Clear sound, and other features that can make any recorded footage usable evidence if the situation calls

Upgrade Your Station’s Security Today, With The Security Center, Inc.

Your law enforcement offices deserve to be well protected in order for your team to effectively get its job done.

If your building’s security system is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to look into an upgrade before a breach creeps through the cracks. At The Security Center, Inc. our team of security professionals can come to your site, inspect your systems and help you find a suitable upgrade in record time.

Not only can we help you find security solutions that fit your budget, but we can also install your equipment for guaranteed functionality.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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