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6 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade to Access Control

Posted on November 30, 2021

Access control is one of the best ways for an organization in any industry to monitor and plan who is able to come in and out of a building. 

While some small businesses or organizations may feel like the move towards access control is superfluous, the truth is that the traditional lock and key system isn’t as effective against security threats as it has been in the past.

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs that it’s time to upgrade your locks to an access control system, The Security Center has the ability to upgrade your security just in time for the new year.

1. Your Organization Has a High Turnover Rate

Whether you have seasonal employees you know won’t be around after the holidays or you’ve experienced high turnover over the last few years, it’s important to have an access control system on your side.

Access control allows you to grant employees specific access to entry points based on unique PINs or designated access cards. Therefore, even if high turnover is an issue at your location, changing accessibility through access control is much easier and more affordable than completely changing out your locks with each employee that leaves.

2. You Operate at Multiple Locations

If your business has multiple locations that require different keys to get into your buildings, carrying around a massive keyring will quickly become tedious.

Access control allows you to create easy entry points at each of your locations without the stress of fumbling for the right key when you need it.

3. Your Employees Are Asking for More Secure Practices

If your employees are concerned about their security during the holiday season, access control can help you give the gift of comfort. By giving your employees personal permissions to enter buildings through access security at specific hours of the day, you’re actively monitoring who comes in and out of your building while your employees are on the clock.

Unauthorized visitors pose a huge security risk to your team and assets. Keep your doors secure through reliable access control measures.

4. Your Liability Insurance Has Increased

If you’ve recently expanded offices or had an incident occur that increased your organization’s liability insurance premiums, access control can help decrease your monthly costs.

While this isn’t a guarantee, some insurance providers may lower your monthly premiums if they see you’re taking the right steps towards protecting your property.

Access control is one of the most effective ways to keep thieves out, and could be your brand’s first step towards saving money on liability insurance.

5. You Need a System That Integrates With Other Security Features

Seamless integration with your location’s security features is essential. If even one system works independently of your others, it can throw off the whole purpose of upgraded security systems.

Access control is the ultimate tool for seamless integration. Some of the ways that it works with the current systems in place can be:

  • Locking doors when an intruder is found on surveillance systems
  • Unlocking access points when a fire is detected
  • Sounding the alarm if someone does break through the main access control system

6. You’ve Had a Break-In

Finally, if you’ve had a recent break-in, it’s time to reconsider the effectiveness of your current system. Whether you need to ditch the locks for access control or even upgrade your entire security system from surveillance cameras to 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that your location is well-protected should always be your priority as a business owner.

Secure Your Access Points Today, With The Security Center, Inc.

If you know it’s time for your business’s security to implement an upgrade, The Security Center, Inc. has the products you need to ensure your building’s security is up-to-date and protecting your property.

We’ve established relationships with the best manufacturers in the industry and can help you select and install the best security measures for your organization’s budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an onsite security inspection.

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