Top Reasons to Avoid A One Size Fits All Security System

Top Reasons to Avoid A One Size Fits All Security System

Posted on July 2, 2019

When a business performs a security risk assessment and realizes a security system is a necessity, there are many choices that need to be made. With so many options for security available on the market, it’s no surprise that some businesses opt for a “one size fits all” security package.

This may save some time and money in the short-term, but it is not an effective choice for reliable security. Here are some of the main reasons why your business should customize their security plans for optimal protection.

Different Business Sizes Need Different Security Measures

If you own a small business, you’re not going to need the same security measures as a larger institution. Security plans and the size of your business must coexist in order for your business to be secure.

If you have questions about what would be the best solution for your size company, talk with a security professional. They can help review your risk assessment, the number of employees you have, and other factors that impact security.

Access control might work for a larger business, where a business of your size may just need some extra security cameras. Save yourself the time and money by figuring out what your business really needs based on its location and size.

Risks Vary From Industry to Industry

Every business has its own set of security risks. Retail needs to prevent break-ins and shoplifters. Corporate entities need to worry about employee theft and cybersecurity solutions.

A one size fits all plan may blanket the services needed for an industry, but there is almost a guarantee that there will be gaps in the system. Customize your system by asking yourself what your risks truly are.

Some things to consider include:

  • The assets of your business
  • Crime activity in your area
  • Who is able to access your data and assets
  • Any regulations that may be in place throughout your industry (HIPPA, fire safety, etc.)

Customized Security Systems Provide More Options

When it comes to security, options are everything. Even if an all in one plan comes with basic features, they may not be the choices you’d want. From surveillance cameras to remote security solutions, there are several ways to customize a security system and make it perfect for your location.

If customizable security sounds like a great option for you, reach out to a trusted security vendor with questions or inquiries of where to start the ordering and installation process.

The Security Center, Inc. Helps You Meet Your Security Needs

Your business is one of a kind, and so should its security system. At The Security Center, Inc. we realize that the path to total security can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help you make the right choices for access control, vault security, and more.

Not only will we point you in the right direction of products, but we will also install and maintain them for you as well. Don’t fall victim to theft because of a one size fits all system. Get in touch with us today to schedule our services.

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