Top Commercial Security Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid

Top Commercial Security Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid

Posted on April 25, 2019

The security of your commercial business is crucial to keeping your products and employees safe. Although you may think that your commercial security is fully updated there may be some critical mistakes that you’re making, which ultimately leave your business vulnerable to theft and other dangers.

If you think that your business is having trouble keeping its doors secure, take a look at these four common mistakes that businesses make every day and how your location can avoid them.

1.  Lack of Entry Control

Knowing who walks in and out of your building is essential to the security of your staff, product, and customers. Gone are the days where a business could stay safe with a standard lock and key.

Access control security systems are a great way for your business to regulate who comes in and out of your building during and after hours of operation. This security option gives you the freedom to create specific access codes on pin pads for employees and allow them to use key cards for secure entry. Avoid any high-risk security problems and ensure that all of your points of entry are protected with some form of access control security.

2.  Failing to Secure All Exits and Entry Points

Lack of access security isn’t the only mistake made by commercial and educational institutions.  Entry and exit areas of a building should always be monitored and having a physical body wait by each door and alert you when something goes awry is not always an option.

Make sure no corner is left unsecured and have a professional install security surveillance cameras at each entry. Some businesses tend to make the mistake of putting aesthetic over security. Don’t be afraid of having an obvious camera in sight at your location. Remember, safety always comes first.

3.  Believing Your Current Security System Will Last Forever

As reliable as your security system may have been in the past, technology is constantly evolving making older equipment obsolete. Even if you properly service and maintain your cameras and alarm systems, they will eventually need to be upgraded.

Failing to upgrade leaves your location open to issues like:

  • Robbery
  • Dangerous individuals on site
  • Property damage

As technology evolves, so do the security systems that put advancements to excellent use. If you’ve noticed some signs that your security equipment is outdated or if you know it’s time for more secure practices, start thinking about improvements. Take some time to look into some of the modern security systems that are currently installed in institutions like yours.

4.  Performing DIY Security Equipment Installation

Your building is only as secure as the equipment that fortifies it, therefore, proper installation of new equipment is vital to its success. You could pull off an installation yourself, but getting professional installation for your new security equipment comes with several benefits. Not only are you guaranteed correct installation, but you can also learn from an expert how your new security system works.

Update Your Building With Security Equipment That Works From The Security Center, Inc.

Don’t let your education building, government location, or local business fall victim to any crime because of avoidable security mistakes. The Security Center, Inc. is a Dallas-based business that expertly installs and maintains security equipment for buildings across several industries in Texas and New Mexico. Reach out to us today and find out what our experts can do to keep your valuables protected.

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