How to Hide Security Cameras in Plain Sight

Tips for Hiding Your Business Security Cameras in Plain Sight

Posted on March 31, 2022

Surveillance cameras are amongst the most popular pieces of security equipment businesses and entities invest in every year.

However, even though you want to place cameras in your location, sometimes a little tact is required in order to catch grievous acts of theft from visitors or untrustworthy employees.

While you may post some cameras in standard positions in the corner of your business and at the entry points, let’s zoom in on some of the actions you can take to keep a more discreet eye on the goings-on in your business.

Camouflage Your Camera Within Your Business’ Walls

Hide your cameras in plain sight, literally, by positioning them on your business’ walls in areas where most people don’t think to look. Most people expect to see cameras in the corners of a building, but won’t typically look for a camera that is directly mounted to a wall and blends in with the texture and color of the wall it rests on.

You may feel like the positioning is obvious, but we guarantee that most people will pass a camouflaged camera by.

Keep Your Cameras as High as Possible

Positioning your cameras in higher vantage points allows you to both get a clearer view of your entire location and hide cameras from those trying to avoid your oversight.

Hiding a camera well above a person’s standard level of vision typically allows your surveillance to go unnoticed.

Some of the best places for higher camera positioning include:

  • Behind curtain rods
  • Above tall entertainment centers
  • Throughout the ceiling of your location

Utilize Your Location’s Decor and Furnishing

Although you can purchase camouflage cases for surveillance cameras, sometimes it’s more budget-friendly to work with what you have when it comes to slyly placing security equipment in your business.

Some of the best ways you can utilize your decor and furnishing as a surveillance camera assist include the following:

  • Placement in artificial plants and pots
  • Surrounding your surveillance cameras with books or other decorative objects that distract the eye
  • Carve out an area in a display that allows your camera to keep a watchful eye
  • Hidden placement within a picture frame
  • Investing in an outlet spy camera that can be positioned to go unnoticed

Wherever you decide to place your surveillance camera, as long as it is an up-to-date model and is professionally installed by a trusted security company, it should be easy to have a clear, crisp view of any theft or misconduct that occurs at your place of business.

Remember to Always Abide By Regulations and Laws

No matter how secure you want your business to be, it’s always essential to remember the local laws and regulations surrounding surveillance footage. Texas is a One-Party Consent state. Therefore, as long as one person is involved in recording consent, the surveillance is completely legal.

Most states allow businesses to record surveillance footage for security purposes because a public place like a brick and mortar store isn’t considered a private area like a restroom or changing room.

Although not required, we say it’s always a best practice to post a sign in your location that states surveillance cameras are recording within your establishment.

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