How to Protect Your ATM From a Smash and Grab

How to Protect Your ATM From a Smash and Grab

Posted on June 21, 2022

If an ATM smash-and-grab incident hasn’t happened to one of your institution’s machines, chances are it has happened to those owned by your competitors. It is unrealistic to think that it couldn’t happen to your machines inside buildings or that surveillance cameras are enough to deter thieves. Thieves wear disguises during heists to hide their identities.

They also spend time evaluating vulnerable devices with little ATM security, allowing them to leave quickly with the machines and empty their cash contents.

How Thieves Target ATMs

Criminals spend time evaluating potential targets. They’ll look for any type of vulnerability that allows them to move in quickly, usually during the middle of the night when few people are about. ATMs in any location can be vulnerable, in premises like gas stations, bars, convenience and discount stores, grocery stores, fitness clubs, and even in your institution’s lobby or the attached drive-up lanes.

As long as your ATM has no visible barriers making it more difficult for thieves to abscond with the machine, they’ll attempt to take it and empty it in a secluded location.

Protect Your ATMs With a Security System Upgrade

Criminals always seem one step ahead of business when robberies are involved. However, upgrading your security system through The Security Center Inc. is beneficial. We place cameras in crucial areas for better identification and seismic alarm systems that immediately alert law enforcement when a robbery occurs.

Hiding GPS monitoring devices inside the machines can also help identify and catch the culprits after removing the ATMs to secure locations.

An ATM Barrier Can Protect Drive-Up Machines

Exterior ATMs can be particularly vulnerable as thieves can easily tear them from foundations, use a forklift to place them in trucks, and then drive away. Such robberies occur in 90 seconds or less, yet with the additional protection of an ATM barrier, thieves will think twice before attacking your machine. Manufactured to precisely fit each ATM brand and model, these barriers help prevent brute force attacks involving sawing, cutting, torching, and ripping the ATM off its exterior moorings.

Why You Need an ATM Security Upgrade

Many companies think they can save money by not bolting down ATMS or placing security cameras in strategic locations. However, the money spent now to make your machines more secure will more than offset the potential losses your institution will suffer from damages to the machine and downtime, not to mention the cash lost if the thieves are never caught. ATM robberies always involve significant property damage, ranging from $30,000 to $80,000 per machine. You can’t afford to avoid investing in ATM security.

Other Ways to Protect Your ATMs

In addition to installing security devices, institutions can take the following simple measures to make it more difficult for thieves to steal:

  • Provide awareness education to employees at businesses where your ATMs are located
  • Review landscaping, lighting, location, and locks near ATMs to ensure they are visible
  • Do not locate ATMs near customer entry doors
  • Do not locate ATMs next to windows or weak walls
  • Make sure to bolt ATMs at all locations

Secure Your Site’s ATMs With The Security Center, Inc. Today

Your ATMs are worth more than just the money inside them. Contact us today to set up a consultation on how you can improve ATM security.

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