Top Causes of False Alarms for Business Security Systems

Top 4 Causes for Disruptive False Alarms

Posted on February 15, 2022

When your alarm goes off and you’re alerted to an issue, it usually means that something serious has happened on your property.

Getting that message that your alarm is ringing is something no business owner wants to see and can be an even more frustrating situation when you continuously receive these messages due to a false alarm being triggered.

Let’s look into what the most common causes for false alarms are, and the steps you can take to ensure any alert you receive is legitimate.

Why Are False Alarms a Problem?

False alarms aren’t just a minor annoyance to you as a business owner. If your alarm is connected to a company that monitors your alerts, not only are you informed of any alarm triggers but so are local emergency responders.

If you have numerous false alarm incidents, you only increase the risk of slower emergency response when a true emergency occurs.

Follow our tips for finding your cause for too many false alarms and how you can prevent these accidents from happening.

Your Own Error

One of the biggest reasons for a false alarm is simply human error. Sometimes employees forget your alarm code, doors or windows are left ajar when the alarm is set, or someone simply forgets to turn the alarm off upon entry.

To err is only human. However, a false alarm is nothing you want to set off on your own. Fortunately, these incidents can easily be remedied with the following actions:

  • Proper training of all employees regarding your alarm system
  • Reminders of handling the alarm during your opening and closing procedures
  • Make sure the last person out double-checks the doors and windows before setting the closing alarm

Poor Alarm System Maintenance

Alarm systems require regular maintenance to ensure they work properly. If you know it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled security system maintenance or even changed the batteries on your alarm system, this could be the cause of your false alarms.

Make sure to regularly check your alarm system’s batteries and check for any dirty sensors around your property. On top of basic maintenance, it’s also important to schedule an annual security inspection that can further maintain your system and point out any flaws that are setting off false alarms.

Outdated Equipment

Most alarm system sensors have a lifespan between 10 and 20 years. If you inherited your building and its security system or have just gotten used to your system being in place over the years, your false alarms could be linked to age.

Once again, a security inspection from a professional security company can help point out any outdated systems and lead you towards newer technologies that provide more accurate security measures.

Poor Installation

If you installed your security system on your own or had an inexperienced security team do the job for you, there are several issues that could go wrong and set off your alarm.

Some of the most common culprits of poor security system installation include:

  • Misaligned sensors
  • Misplaced detectors
  • Poor following of manufacturer instructions

In order to prevent these common mistakes, always make sure that whoever installs your security system is a true security professional that specializes in that type of installation.

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