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Top Reasons Why Your Industry Needs Monitored Security

Posted on January 19, 2021

No matter the industry, any workplace needs to have a reliable security system on its premises. Yes, access control and premiere surveillance systems are important, but they become invaluable when combined with a certified monitoring service.

The Security Center, Inc. is a team of commercial security professionals that specializes in the installation and maintenance of monitored security systems. Monitored security provides several boons to any industry. So, here are some of the key reasons why you should invest in a technical upgrade.

24-Hour Availability Equals More Protection

You can’t always be around to contact the authorities when a robbery occurs. This is why monitored security through The Security Center, Inc. is so crucial to your location. 

We provide 24-hour availability, and are always ready to answer the call when your security system’s alarm goes off. With a monitored security system, your location is more secure and allows for reliable surveillance at any time, day or night.

Manage Your Electricity From a Distance

Although this isn’t exactly a security boon, it’s one perk that definitely comes with remote monitoring. Sometimes business owners forget to hit the lights or properly lock up their access control when they close their doors.

Not only is this a risk to your security, but paying for wasted electricity ends up costing money.

Monitor your business remotely through your upgraded security system. This allows you to keep tabs on your property while also making money saving tweaks like thermostat changes and turning off the lights from a remote location. 

Experience Faster Response to Timely Emergencies

Robberies and employee theft are emergencies that require fast response. With an advanced monitoring security system and a 24/7 response team on your side, the authorities are quickly alerted any time that a true problem occurs.

DIY systems and self-monitoring can lead to problems flying under the radar. Without rapid response, even a few hours may prove to be too late for your business to recover from its loss of goods.

Monitored Security Could Save on Insurance

Although this isn’t always the case, some insurance companies use the integrity of your security system as a qualifier when determining your annual costs. 

An excellent monitored security system could help lower your insurance by up to 20 percent. After you’ve installed your new security equipment, reach out to your insurance company and find out if they’ll reward you for taking the steps towards a quality security upgrade.

Peace of Mind is Great for Business

Finally, when you don’t have to worry about the quality of your location’s security, you can focus on improving other aspects of your business. With your newly found peace of mind, implement that marketing strategy you’ve been thinking about or start looking into upgrading some of the equipment around the office. 

The possibilities are endless when you know that The Security Center, Inc. always has a watchful eye on your business.

Regardless of Your Industry, The Security Center, Inc. Has Your Team’s Back!

Make this new year the one that puts you in control of your business’ security. Let the security experts of The Security Center, Inc. help you create a monitored security package that leaves nothing to chance.

From our initial inspection to scheduled maintenance, we take your security seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your initial consultation.

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