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Common Mistakes in DIY Security Installation

Posted on July 30, 2020

As a business owner, you may feel like you know your building inside-out and are the perfect person to personally install your security system. You’ve selected your equipment piece-by-piece and are ready to keep your domain secure.

While this is a novel plan, unless you have security installation training, you may miss specifics that lead to a breach. Here are four of the biggest DIY system installation mistakes we’ve seen throughout our years as installation professionals.

“Saving Money” With Bargain Equipment

A good deal always seems like a great move, until it isn’t. With something as important as security, we suggest you plan ahead and set aside a healthy budget. Purchase the latest and greatest in commercial protection with confidence in your decision, not regret because you saved a couple of bucks.

Steeply discounted equipment usually means paying for second or even third best in that product line. While you may have saved money on equipment, you could lose even more when a petty thief easily cracks through your system because it’s so dated. Every industry requires specific levels of security. A professional technician can help you determine what’s best for your location.

Poor Surveillance Camera Positioning

Where you position your cameras matters for its longevity as well as efficiency. A DIY camera installation may not have the camera’s weather-proof capabilities in mind. While you may think you have your camera in the right place, rain, heat, and condensation may prove otherwise.

It takes the planning and experience of an industry professional to truly understand the weather your cameras can hold up in. Trust a professional to help you make positioning choices that help you stay protected for years to come!

You Could Miss Entrance Points on Your Building

Not every building just has a front and back door. Some business owners get caught up in the act of securing the main entrances and forget other entryways that could lead to a breach. A security technician can help you install security sensors at every available entrance point that serves as a threat to your property. Criminals don’t forget about second story windows or cellar doors, and neither should you!

Poor Control Panel Placement

Many business owners who attempt a DIY alarm system installation mistakenly place the control panel right next to the door. While this does make entry less stressful for staff deactivation, it also leaves the control panel exposed for destruction if a break-in occurs.

A professional installation helps you determine the most secure and accessible location for your alarm system’s control panel. Make use of your alarm system’s delay and deactivate your alarm in private without putting your business at risk.

Tackle Security Installation Correctly, With The Security Center, Inc.

Don’t let your business fall prey to theft because your DIY tactics let you down. Trust the experts at The Security Center, Inc. to help you select the right bundles of equipment for your location and ensure they are installed to perfection. We have relationships with some of the best brands in the industry and are ready to help you! Contact us today to learn more about our services in your area.

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