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A Brief History of Commercial Security Throughout the Years

Posted on June 29, 2021

Since the dawn of commerce, business owners have always done everything in their power to protect their property. While vendors eventually moved beyond self-security and patrolling guards, the security system as we know it today was nothing like the earliest forms of “innovation” in our industry.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of security’s evolution over the years and how we got to the advanced security systems our customers rely on today.

The Earliest Security Systems

One of the first recorded alarm systems comes from an English inventor in the 1700s. The inventor, known as Tildesey, attached chimes to his home’s door handle that would sound the alarm if a thief used a skeleton key or other means of accessing his door.

The 1700s also brought about the invention of the lever tumbler lock and the widespread use of the first door locks.

Edwin Holmes Revolutionizes the Burglar Alarm Industry

Although Augustus Russell Pope invented and patented the first electro-magnetic alarm system in 1853, the product struggled to take off. Due to fears of new electricity progress, many people feared death while installing an electrical component like the alarm system in their home or business.

However, in 1868, Edwin Holmes boosted the popularity of the burglar alarm system through minor improvements (manual resets) and good old fashioned testimonials. This led to the rise in the popularity of audible alarm systems.

By 1901, audible alarm systems were popular amongst banks, jewelers, and other commercial property owners.

As the decades passed, audible alarms would become something that intruders would expect and could easily ignore. This is mainly why current alarm systems are based on a remote monitoring security system

Rather than an audible alarm, users are alerted via remote devices, and are able to then swiftly contact the authorities without signaling intruders.

1940s: Concealed Alarm Systems Emerge

Up until the 1940s, alarm systems were triggered via wires and breachable surfaces. Around the end of the decade, electromagnetic sensors allowed for alarms to be tripped via airwaves. These advancements eventually brought commercial security towards the modern security systems that work in conjunction with access control locks and high-quality surveillance cameras

The Rise of Video Surveillance Security

While we’re on the subject, let’s take a look at the evolution of surveillance security. Another development of the second World War, German electrical engineer Walter Brusch invented the first CCTV camera

Although the invention was originally used to safely monitor missiles from a distance. By 1949, CCTV cameras were a commercial hit. However, recording capabilities wouldn’t take effect until 1962.

By the 1990’s, time-lapse cameras and motion-recording cameras had become commonplace. But our industry wasn’t ready to stop evolving.

In order to remain effective, security must grow with the technology of the times. The most modern surveillance cameras come equipped with high-definition capabilities, remote alerts, digital video recorders, and interconnectivity with devices like tablets and smartphones.

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