Benefits of Smart Commercial Security System

Benefits of a Smart Commercial Security System

Posted on May 18, 2022

Commercial security has made quite a few advancements in the last decade. As the rise of smartphones becoming the norm occurred, so did the evolution of more intelligent security systems.

Why should you forgo your trusty system for a smart upgrade? Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons we support this decision.

What is a Smart Security System?

First off, what is a smart security system? It’s not just one piece of hardware but a combination of different equipment that makes your security remote, reliable, and more secure than ever.

Some of the best features of a smart security system are:

  • HD surveillance cameras
  • Access control locking systems
  • Smart network protection
  • Smart lighting
  • Remote monitored security dashboards and more!

Leading Benefits of Smart Technology for Your Business

Getting smarter with your commercial security keeps your establishment well-protected in technological times. Here are some of the benefits of investing in smart security upgrades.

Your Security is Proactive Vs. Reactive

An older alarm system that isn’t connected to a remote device or monitoring team merely starts a reaction when an incident occurs. By the time authorities arrive, thieves have ransacked your business and impacted your bottom line.

Smart security systems are directly connected to a monitoring team that manages your account in real time. At the first inkling of a problem, the authorities are notified, and your odds of a significant loss are decreased.

Remote Monitoring Keeps You in Control

Your monitoring team isn’t the only one that has eyes on your business after-hours. A smart security setup lets you see what’s going on at your business from anywhere in the world.

Smart surveillance cameras can link to your mobile devices and give you eyes on your property at a moment’s notice. Your security system can even notify you when something is awry, and you can also take a proactive stance against theft and destruction.

Thieves Can’t Replicate Access Control

If an unscrupulous person gets their hands on your business’ keys, it’s easy to replicate them and create an instant entry point to your inventory. Fortunately, access control makes the days of expensive lock replacements a thing of the past.

Access control is a security solution that grants entry via personal codes, thumbprints, and access cards. There is always a risk that codes or cards can get stolen. Yet, with access control, you can quickly make changes and reset code and access card authorization.

Left a Light On? No problem!

Your smart security system can also let you set your building’s lights on a timer. Taking advantage of this feature means you don’t have to worry about leaving lights on overnight. Your automated system has your savings covered.

Aside from automated lighting settings, your smart security equipment can conserve energy via your thermostat and help you reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

Get Smarter Protection Today With The Security Center, Inc.

If you’re ready to change your security system, The Security Center, Inc. can help! We are Texas’ top security consultants and can help you make your commercial security smarter.

Getting a security upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive and we can be the team that helps you make useful decisions that fit your budget.

Reach out to us today and schedule your on-site system inspection with a member of our team.

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