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4 Problems Your Alarm System Could Face

Posted on July 30, 2020

Your commercial alarm system is built to alert you about security threats that occur while you’re away. In order for it to be effective, it should be well-built, properly installed, and above all, reliable.

Unfortunately, security systems are just equipment at the end of the day. Malfunctions can happen and the results of ignoring them can be catastrophic for your business. Here are some of the most common problems that could influence how well your security alarm system performs.

Your Batteries Could Run Low

The average control panel battery in an alarm system can last owners between two and five years. If you know the signs of a low battery, you could quickly get them replaced before the reality of theft hits.

Two of the most common signs of a low battery are:

  • Beeping keypads
  • Warning codes flashing on your LCD screen

Wiring Problems

Your alarm system relies on stable wiring to keep its security measures functioning. However, if your location has experienced wire damage like cut, chewed, or broken wires, this could cause a substantial malfunction in your system.

Wiring problems are not a DIY effort and should be taken care of by a certified professional. Our team is happy to come to your location and provide you with the wiring assistance you need. Even if the damage requires the need for a replacement system, we’ll be able to guide you towards a new security system that can meet your needs while remaining protected for years to come.

Poor Installation

Sometimes, especially in the case of a self-installed security system, poor practices can instantly set an alarm system off on the wrong foot. If you think there’s a possibility that your equipment wasn’t installed properly, resolve the problem sooner than later.

Reach out to a professional security provider to help you correctly install your alarm system. If you use us, we can even help you understand every detail of your system and ensure its successful use over the years.

An Inconsistent Power Source

The power supply that gives your alarm system life must be consistent in order to keep your alarm system reliable. However, if you’re connected to a power source that experiences frequent outages and tripped breakers, you could experience some faulty results.

Aside from the obvious increased risk of a break-in, you could experience the trigger of false alarms. Although it may be difficult to know where to best connect your security systems, there is a temporary fix you can practice before calling out a professional.

If you know you must use this unreliable source of power and are tired of setting off false alarms, replace your battery routinely every three years. A poor power source will drain your battery and trigger false alarms, but if you can keep your battery fresh throughout your equipment’s lifespan, you can prevent annoying alarm system problems.

Get Your Alarm System Professionally Installed With the Security Centers, Inc.

If your alarm system is beginning to show signs of wear, don’t wait around until a break-in for a solution to the problem. Trust the professionals of The Security Centers, Inc. to come to your location and help repair or replace your current alarm system. Contact us today to get an inspection of your security system on our schedule.

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